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Valkyrian Canning

Valkyrian Canning Ltd. is your Vancouver Island based mobile canning solution, specializing in small batch runs of all types of craft beverages - cider, beer and kombucha


Canning Services

Valkyrian Canning can provide turnkey canning services. You supply the beverage and your favorite labels. We supply the cans, lids, Paktech tops, carboard trays and all associated equipment required to put your beverage into cans! We pack out what we pack in - leaving you with just your finished product ready to sell!

Valkyrian Canning can work with a huge range of can sizes and configurations - so get in touch if you would like to know more!

Packaging Materials

If you have your own canning line already - get in touch with us as your source for cans, lids, boxes, Paktech tops and a host of other packaging solutions to suit your brewery. Visit the Shop page to send us an order!

In Line Labeling or Pre-Labeled Cans

Trying to get your hands on pre-labeled cans for your own canning machine? We can help with that!

Get in touch for a quote regarding how we can best suit your needs. This might mean bringing the label applicator for you for the day, or pre-labeling your cans, all depending on your run size and plans.

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Who We Are

Valkyrian Canning provides mobile canning services on both Vancouver Island and the mainland, specializing in small batch runs of beer, cider and kombucha.

Since 2019 we've been providing island based breweries enormous growth opportunity by allowing them to grow at the rate they want and need. We do this by being extremely reactive to customer needs, operating with incredibly low wastage rates and allowing you to can your product without any upfront investment.

Whether you are interested in testing the market for a certain type of beverage, or regularly releasing your flagship - Valkyrian Canning can help ensure you produce the quantities you need to get your product where you want it to go!

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Get in Touch!

Interested in doing business with us? We'd love to hear from you!

+1 250 213 9205

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News & Media

Valkyrain Canning in the News

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